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Molly Shanks has transitioned from a self-motivated, charismatic student to an Emmy-nominated television producer.

During her time at Miami, she majored in journalism with a double minor in English and communications. Following graduation in 2012, Shanks immediately moved to the Los Angeles, Calif. area to hit the ground running in the fast-paced environment of show biz.

Initially, Molly worked for Original Productions in Burbank. She served as an associate producer for a reality show called “Ax Men,” which airs on the History Channel.

After six months, she decided that her heart was still with the Midwest and moved to the Chicago area for a position at Oakbrook productions. There, she worked for a television show entitled “Chicago’s Best,” which is a food-focused program that airs on WGN. After one year, she switched over to “Living Healthy Chicago,” which is a show within the same company with a different focus.


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