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Find out how to make mornings easy and healthy with these DIY oatmeal jars. Combine these goodies in a bowl or a jar, let them hang out and in the morning you have a hearty, satisfying breakfast. 

Interesting Facts About Oats

Oats are healthy and contain soluble fibers called beta-gluten which help lower bad cholesterol such as LDL and regulate blood sugar levels.

Different oats have different cooking time, texture and Glycemic Index (GI). 

The most important characteristic to consider is GI. This relates to the speed of the carbohydrate in your food increase your blood sugar levels.

Higher the GI, higher your blood sugar levels and food is digested faster.

High GI may cause a spike in blood sugar levels and accelerate the need to eat soon after, say in the next hour.

The lower the GI, the slower your blood sugar level increase and food is digested slower.

List of Popular Types of Oats

Oat groats are kernels  hulled and toasted, takes a long time to cook and is uncommon, and has the lowest GI.

Steel-cut (Irish) oats are passed through steel blades which slices them into smaller pieces so it cooks faster, and has low GI.

Old-fashioned oats are steamed and flattened to become flakes and has low GI.

Quick-cooking oats are cut finely before rolling so the flakes are smaller. Cooks faster than old-fashioned oats, but has high GI.

Instant oatmeal are finely chopped, flattened, pre-cooked, and dehydrated. The worst kind of oats you can use, but has high GI.

Scottish oats are the same as Irish oats but grounded into smaller pieces, like the size of a sesame seed, however have low GI.

Try creating a variety of oatmeal jars in your healthy eating dieting regime.



healthy eating

healthy eating

healthy eating

healthy eating

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